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Research Process Outsourcing

Every business needs to have an in-depth understanding of current realities in order to stay competitive. Companies not only need the latest information, they also need help in making sense of this raw data. By outsourcing their requirements to a trusted vendor, they can ensure that they get quality research reports that can help them stay ahead.

Yerite Services offers a range of research report writing services that cater to varied client needs. These include market research reports, financial reports, pharmaceutical reports and many more.

We can carry out a Primary research to answer specific issues or questions.

It can involve questionnaires, surveys or interviews with individuals or small groups.

For Secondary research we can make use of information previously researched for other purposes and information that is publicly available.

Company profiles can be seen as words of introduction to the public. In a few brief and constructive paragraphs, the profile should explain about the company and the type of services or products it offers.

Company profile writing should always be done in a professional manner.

Our team of expert writing company profiles ensures that your company has a stand out profile.

One of the most effective market research strategies, generally referred to as competitive intelligence, is based on the gathering, analysis, and application of business information about a company’s rivals.

Competitive Intelligence and reporting is the purposeful and coordinated monitoring of your competitor(s), wherever and whoever they may be, within a specific marketplace.

Will it work? Does it fall within risk tolerances? Is it price-competitive?

Is it best-in-class/best-value?

Have all the benefits of the solution or approach been pointed out.

Have all the features been sufficiently tied to the evaluation criteria?

Reviewing a proposal involves a lot more than assessing compliance, style, and checking for typos.

We are the experts in this domain and can answer such questions for you.

Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies.

Dimensions typically measured are quality, time and cost.

Our team of expert can undertake such studies and deliver great results for your business.

Acquiring data: Acquisition involves collecting or adding to the data holdings. There are several methods of acquiring data:

  • Collecting new data
  • Using your own previously collected data
  • Reusing someone else’s data

Data processing: A series of actions or steps performed on data to verify, organize, transform, integrate, and extract data in an appropriate output form for subsequent use. Methods of processing must be rigorously documented to ensure the utility and integrity of the data.

Data Analysis: This involves actions and methods performed on data that help describe facts, detect patterns, develop explanations and test hypotheses.

This includes data quality assurance, statistical data analysis, modeling, and interpretation of analysis results.

Results: The results of above mentioned actions are published as a research paper.


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